Thursday, 6 October 2011


The depth in this painting has been more defined by deciding on a fixed lighting point, where as before I was trying to for something which was more like global illumination which made it appear flat. This face needs more work as it still looks wrong, generally needs to have harsher shading and more definition in the lips and eyes. 
I've started adding smaller details now such as the scars and tattoos on his arm. I've also been experimenting with his weapons on his back (currently two Katanas). 

The chest has been bulked out, along with the scarf around his neck to give it a more realistic interpretation; the chain-mail under his metal armour would clearly be thicker than his actual skin and so needed to be widened. I've added an additional buckle and weapon to his back to give a bit more 'power' to the character, I felt the crossed buckles broke up the linear symmetrical design quite well.

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