Monday, 16 April 2012

Digital Portfolio 2012


Played around with a couple of different styles here and kept it to monotone to speed up the process. I found blocking out the environment and adding the character in after helped me understand the shots I wanted to capture and also helped make the characters positioning and weigh seem more believable.

Cowboy Turnaround & Expressions

Here I tried a different method of colouring the character, after mocking up a monotone image to get the tonal balance right I then used overlay and multiply layer filters to achieve the correct colours. Post-processing in Adobe Lightroom to give the black a less 'harsh' look to them.

Enjoyed this piece, I liked having such a tight time constraint to get the work done in.
Nice face made it in to this piece, tried my best to keep her(?) out of the rest of them!

Action Figure Weapon Set

This weapon set was initially created in 3D and then brought through and painted in Photoshop. I enjoyed the creativity of this work as it pushed me to think more realistically at what an action figure would actually be able to hold/construct from household materials being so small.

Environment - Atmosphere & Perspective

This piece focused a lot on perspective and atmosphere within the scene as apposed to the 'event' taking place and I think this is its down fall. It could do with something exciting happening within the light area or perhaps the characters posed in such a way it insinuates whats about to happen. I'd also liked to have added more detail the buildings in the foreground.

Pilot and Vehicle

I enjoyed this unit, I liked having to make two different designs converge with each other and carry the style across. I like the rendering of the plane and the stylised edge I have included in both pieces. 

I could have improved the sharks teeth (on the character) as they're not great considering its the main focus of the work.


Inspiration from Dead Space subconsciously considering I didn't look at a lot of their original concept work and I haven't played the game! I enjoyed doing this piece although I think it lacks 'life' and definition. Need to work on my poses...